Hair Plus Korean Salon

Our Services

Staff in Hair Plus Korean Salon can speak Korean, English and Mandarin.

Our stylists are Ms. Becky Park and Ms. Julie An.

We are contactable 24/7 via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Women Men
Adult 성인 From $50 $45
Student 학생 From $40 $40
Fringe 앞머리 $15
Women Men
Down Perm 다운펌 $100
Basic Perm 일반펌 From $200 From $170
Digital Perm 디지털 From $210
Volume Rebonding 볼륨매직 From $220 From $200
VR + Korean Perm 매직셋팅 From $270
Perm Treatment Packages 트리트먼트 포함
Digital Perm + Treatment From $300
Volume Rebonding (VR) + Treatment From $310
VR + Korean Perm + Treatment From $370
Fringe Perm 앞머리 펌 From $60
Fringe VR 앞머리 볼륨매직 From $100
Root Perm 뿌리펌 From $100
Women Men
Root Retouch 뿌리 염색 (1 inch) $100 $100
Root Retouch (non-ammonia) $120 $120
Color 전체 염색 (1 tone) From $120 $120
Color (non-ammonia) From $140 $140
Highlight 하일라이트 From $150 $150
Partial Highlight From $100 $100
Bleach 탈색 From $120 $120
Color Clinic Package 트리트먼트 포함 From $270 $270
Women Men
Scalp Renew Treatment 두피 클리닉 $120 $100
Cinderella Protein Care 신데렐라 케어 From $250 $250
Korean Hair Treatment 리페어 시카 From $150 $150
Milbon Hair Treatment 밀본 클리닉 From $130 $130
Women Men
Wash and Blow 샴푸 + 드라이 From $40 $35

In Partnership With

Volume Rebonding

Korean hair technology that leaves your hair soft and smooth. Frizzy misshapened hair becomes sleek and full of natural volume.


Korean Perm

Create youthful bouncy curls that don't look stiff and unnatural. Our senior Korean hairstylists specialize in various volume perms.


Colouring & Treatment

In partnership with L'Oréal Professional, we provide non-ammonia INOA color and highlights. We provide treatments for scalp and hair care as well.