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Korean C-Curl Perm (C컬 펌) creates soft smooth hair with slight in-curls / out-curls at the ends. This creates a polished and youthful new look.

To achieve this look, we offer Volume Rebonding + Korean Perm done by experienced hairstylists from Korea specializing in this service.

  • After trimming your hair for the perfect shape for the perm, Volume Rebonding is done to create soft, smooth hair that looks less dry and frizzy.
  • An accompanying Korean Hair Treatment can be done to add moisture and add life back to your hair during this process, and reduce damage.
  • Finally, our long-lasting Korean Perm is done to add curls that face either inwards or outwards. The size and placement of curls are carefully adjusted by our experienced stylists to achieve your desired C컬 펌 look.

A fresh makeover for tired heavy hair! The Korean C-Curl Perm is a trending look sported on the streets of Korea that adds bounce and neat volume to your hair.

Call 6235 5883 (Suntec City) / 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza) to talk to our senior Korean hairstylists today about our C컬 펌 service ^^