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Master hairstylists from Seoul with over ten years of professional experience.

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Senior Stylist

Remi has a keen eye for hair detailing and luxurious perms.

She specializes in layered haircuts to complement each unique face structure, creating hairstyles that are chic and eye-catching.

Approach her for up-to-date trends in Korean hairstyling to elevate your look. She believes a little touch and attention goes a long way.

Having studied in South Korea, Sweden and Germany, she is experienced with various hair types.

Meet Remi at our Suntec City salon by calling 6235 5883.

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Senior Stylist

Julie brings elegant breezy styles to add youth to your new look.

Meet Julie at our salon in Suntec City.

She is quick to analyze, coming up with the best options to look after your hair and make it glow.

Her professional work in Seoul and Melbourne brings uniquely beautiful color and perm transformations.

She specializes in creative hair coloring and elegant Korean perms that add natural volume and texture to your hair.

Learn about our latest treatments and perms that will improve the texture and shape of your hair.

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Senior Stylist

Bringing a quality Korean salon experience to Singapore.

His savviness for the latest trends is demonstrated in his meticulous haircut designs and wave perms.

With an appetite for creativity and style, Eric's passion and enthusiasm for the industry cannot be understated.

Come meet him and the rest of our team at Suntec City!

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