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Chat with us about the latest looks and hair trends to stand out from the crowd. Achieve natural volume and sleek professional looks with our Korean Perm and Color range.


Our S-Curl Perm (S컬 펌) creates natural curls in the lovely shape of the letter S.

This adds natural volume and charm to ordinary hair.

To achieve this, we offer our Volume Rebonding + Korean Perm done by experienced hairstylists from Korea.

🌊 Trimming your hair is done for the perfect placement of curls

🌊 Volume Rebonding is optional to create a smooth canvas for curls to be added

🌊 An accompanying treatment can be done to protect your hair during perming

🌊 Korean Perm by our hairstylists adds the desired amount of curls

🌊 Our stylists adjust the size and placement of curls

Our S-Curl Perm adds bounce and texture for a photo-ready and elegant makeover.

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