Amos, Pure Smart Shampoo, Fresh, 500ml 퓨어스마트 샴푸 프레시

Scalp cleansing shampoo is for daily care to remove dandruff and excess sebum. Takes care of fine dust and impurities with a thorough cleanse and refreshing feeling.



This shampoo is for daily deep cleansing to remove dandruff and excess sebum.


Pure Micellar defends against harmful environmental substances like ultra-fine dust, sebum and dead skin cells remaining on scalp


Chestnut bark extract supplies soothing moisture and is an anti-inflammatory that prevents itchiness


SCALPURE complex for dandruff care (Climbazole, ginger extract, pine needle extract, eucalyptus)


Mint extract purifies the scalp to prevent the build-up of dirt and odor


✔ Citrus herb floral green scent


1. Wet hair and rub shampoo evenly over the scalp.

2. Massage to make foam.

3. Rinse off well.

4. More effective when used with the Pure Smart Pack

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