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Senior Stylists from Seoul Specializing

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Ever wanted to try a vibrant color, but worry that it would not be appropriate for everyday work?

Why not keep it a secret and try this hair trend from Korea! Introducing Secret Two Tone Hair (투톤 염색)!

Our senior Korean stylists will select hidden sections of hair to remove color. These highlighted areas can be left uncolored, or a bright pop of color can be added. This creates the chic and subtle Two Tone hairstyle!

These colorful sections will be effortlessly hidden by your normally-colored hair. When a breeze hits your tresses, or you create a braided or upstyle look, will your new vibrant colors shine 🙂

Add a hint of personality to your hair and try our 투톤 염색 today!

Call 6235 5883 (Suntec City) / 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza) to make an appointment with our experienced Korean hairstylists ^^