10% off Cinderella Protein Care - November 2022

If your hair is on the breaking point, look no further than our emergency hair treatment:

~ Cinderella Protein Care 신데렐라 케어 ~

Our Cinderella treatment is a plant-based keratin treatment that is certified organic. It restructures broken hair by infusing keratin into each strand. Try out this well-known hair service in Korea at our salon!

Formulated with ingredients such as aloe vera, pomegranate, cedarwood oil, and green tea extract. Revitalize damaged areas and improve overall shine, while also preventing tangles and breakage.

If your hair has been exposed to environmental stress or harsh chemical services, its texture becomes frizzy and unruly.

Cinderella Protein Care offers a restorative transformation to drastically improve your hair condition.

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Enjoy 10% off this service, including these other treatment options:

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* 50% off Scalp Renew Treatment is available from Mon-Thu, with a full price haircut service done