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TIPS FOR FINE HAIR 가는 머리 관리 방법

If your hair is fine, you may experience flatness or on the other hand, frizzy flyaways.

Here are some tips to embrace your natural hair texture!

1. Adding soft layers to your haircut

  • Some prefer a blunt haircut to make their hair look thicker. But consider adding soft layers to create movement and lift so that your hair looks fuller.

2. Use a scalp-focused products

  • Achieving an oil-moisture balance with a good scalp shampoo will reduce the occurrence of greasy scalp and limp hair. Try skipping conditioner or applying it only at damaged hair ends to avoid weighing your hair down.

3. Use texturizing styling products

  • Instead of rich oil or creams that weigh down your hair, choose products with more grip like a volumizing spray. Your hair may feel less silky and stiffer, but that will help you achieve more body and volume.

4. Protect your hair from frizz

  • Humidity can cause fine hair strands to become messy. Use a lightweight product that will act as a barrier between your hair and the elements, taming down frizz.

5. Go for a regular trim

  • Fine hair is more prone to split ends, so drop by your favorite salon when you have the time for a trim!

Our senior hairstylists will be glad to share more tips including how to style your hair at home to add a bit more volume.

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